The “Meat & More Outlet Store” Story

As founders of Meat & More Outlet Store, we have nearly 150 years of combined experience in the meat industry. We are connected to the owners and top executives of meat companies throughout the country and have intimate knowledge of the practices of each manufacturer. We are bringing that knowledge and connections together to form Meat & More Outlet Store. We have revolutionized how meat is purchased in Joplin and Webb City.

We focus a relentless effort on three principles: taste, price, & nutrition.


The beef sold at Meat & More Outlet Store grades out, or ranks, in the top 2% in the nation. the chicken you buy at Meat & More is sold in restaurants throughout the US, often in excess of $14 per pound. Our pork is purchased from the company that is revered as the best-in-class hog producer in the United States. Our turkey comes from the largest and best turkey producer in the United States.


Because of the connections of Meat & More, we know who to talk to about buying the top quality meat at prices no one else can touch. Producing meat is different than producing most products. If a producer gets an order for 100,000 pounds of a certain product, they can’t set their machines to produce exactly 100,000 pounds all precisely the same. Overruns or product that is a quarter of an ounce too heavy or too light are common. We have contracted with the highest-end producers to purchase this top quality meat at a fraction of the price that restaurant or grocery retailers can buy the product for and we pass the savings along to you. Thus, you can buy the top 2% in quality of meat for less money than you would pay for average meat in the grocery store.


We understand you have an obligation to make nutritionally wise choices for the health benefits of your family. What the animal is fed indirectly is what you are feeding your family. One of the requirements to be a supplier to Meat & More Outlet Store is that a PhD animal nutritionist formulates the diet the animals eat that goes into our store. We then review the diet to make sure we are comfortable with the amount of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and nutrients. When you shop at Meat & More Outlet Store you can be confident that you are making a wise, healthy choice for yourself and for your family.

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